Marc Koegel Biography

Marc Koegel is the Director of Vancouver Photo Workshops, one of Canada’s largest family owned photography schools.

Since 2004, VPW has built a reputation for offering only the highest quality photography courses and workshops. Their famous Master Workshop Series brings internationally acclaimed photographers to Vancouver.

In 2007, Marc was commissioned to put together Canada’s first full-time, fully accredited, digital photography diploma program. He served as the Department Head for this program, and continues to teach courses there. Throughout his career, Marc has worked with many distinguished photographers, such as Joe McNally, Jay Maisel, Greg Gorman, Ralph Gibson, Freeman Patterson and more.

He has taught thousands of students in courses and workshops across Canada, the USA and Europe. Marc’s fine-art photography has won several distinguished awards, and has been exhibited in galleries internationally.


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Marcs Teaching Style
"Fun, energetic, focused, personal, interactive, and hands-on are all words I would use to describe my teaching style. In my classes and workshops, I strive to cover both, the art and also the science of photography.
A famous photographer once told me that on the journey to reach our full potential as photographers we first ask "How to photograph". Once we have accomplished technical proficiency, this question changes to "What to photograph". No matter how technical a class may get, I always leave room to discuss the "Why".
As an instructor, I thrive on seeing my students excel and produce work that very often becomes inspirational for me as well as the rest of the group. Teaching should not be a one-way street, but an opportunity for interaction, dialogue, and sharing of knowledge, ideas, and inspiration."