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Rachelle Fox is an award-winning photographer who has dedicated her life to the pursuit of a fine art career. Previously a painter and graphite pencil artist she found her true life’s passion through the lens of a camera.

A self-taught professional photographer Rachelle’s work focuses primarily on metaphorical landscapes and travel documentary photography. An adventure traveler for over a decade you can usually find Rachelle shooting in some of the most beautiful, exotic and isolated places in the world. Her stunning fine art prints can be found in private art collections across North America.

Rachelle’s wealth of knowledge in the Fine Arts and in the technical aspects of Digital Photography allows her to teach with unbridled enthusiasm. A self confessed Lightroom and Photoshop addict, Rachelle is always focused on crafting the perfect fine art print.

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Rachelles Teaching Style
"I would characterize my teaching style as fun, detailed and interactive. I live to answer my students burning questions and to help them achieve their photographic goals.
As a Fine Art Photographer I focus heavily on creativity and experimentation within a sound technical framework. (You have to know the rules in order to break them intentionally!)
Hopefully my workshops will give students the techincal knowledge they require to push boundaries and create unique portfolios."

"Great energy, knowledge and experience. Thanks Rachelle!"


"Rachelle has a wonderful personality and a lot of patience (explaining things over and over.)

I really had fun learning about Photoshop and wish to take other classes with her. She can open your imagination and gives you ideas of how to use and benefit from the program. Thank you and good luck."

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Adobe Lightroom Workshop

Fundamental Photoshop Workshop

The Digital Print Workshop

Creative Shooting Course

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