Intro to Digital
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Learn all about your digital camera, starting at the basics of its operation to using it effectively and with confidence in any kind of shooting situation.

This course is suitable for all digital cameras that feature manual controls (such as DSLR, Mirror-Less, and even most Point and Shoot's).

Your skilled Instructor will teach you basic photography concepts, such as exposure calculation, depth-of-field, effective composition guidelines and how to use your camera in low light effectively and creatively. You will have the opportunity to practice your newly acquired skills during several field trips and a full scale studio shooting session with professional models.

With a strong emphasize on practical hands-on shooting exercises, this course will make you feel in complete control over your digital camera equipment. In-depth review and critique sessions are held to give you valuable and encouraging feedback.

Take a look at this video featuring recent student work from our Intro to Digital Photography 10 week Course:

Session 1 :

Introduction to photography, how digital cameras work, digital technology and workflow basics, auto focus versus manual focus, digital image optimization

Session 2 :

ISO, Digital noise, Understanding image capture modes and exposure controls, EV compensation and intro to using the histogram - demo and workshop.

Session 3 :

Metering methods, reading a histogram, using manual mode, white balance - demo and workshop. Review last weeks images.

Session 4:

Creative uses for aperture and shutter, depth of field and motion, lenses and their characteristics. Selective focus/shallow depth of field workshop. Review of last weeks images.

Session 5 :

Composition guidelines - rule of thirds, texture, color, point of view and seeing in shapes and forms. Review last weeks images

Session 6 (2.5 hour Photo Field Trip, weekend-day, details discussed in class):

Photo Field Trip to Yaletown and the waterfront: Bring your camera. Practical exercises and refining composition and camera control.

Session 7 :

Review field trip images, Low Light Photography Lecture.

Session 8 (2 hour Photo Field Trip - Night Photography):

Photo Field Trip to Granville Island - Night Photography. Please bring your tripod.

Session 9 (2.5 hour Photoshoot in studio):

Photographing people in the studio, using continuous light sources and strobe. Have fun and explore your creativity!

Session 10:

Review and critique of low light and model images. Image processing demonstration.
Final Q & A.



Beginner/General Interest. No previous photography experience required.


Maximum 18 participants.

What to Bring

Equipment Needed:

Bring your camera (must have manual controls) and at least 1 lens.
Optional: additional lenses, camera flash and tripod.

PLEASE NOTE: A small portion of the anatomy course material may not apply to students who choose to enter into the course with a compact or semi-DSLR camera.

We Provide:

Detailed Course Notes


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  • Instructors who receive the highest student feedback and are all working professionals. Ask anyone who has taken a course or workshop with us and they will tell you that we have the best instructors in town. We are proud of each member of our team. We only hire the best and pay the highest wages, too.

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  • Professional Equipment. We use the latest lighting equipment from Profoto, Dynalight, Hensel and Elinchrome. Our computers are latest generation Apple Macintosh Workstations.

  • Professional Models: Ever taken a course or workshop elsewhere where models did not show up or have absolutely no experience posing? We belief in hiring top professionals for two reasons. They are on-time, and make for much better pictures. They are fun to work with. Just like our instructors, we pay the highest rates in town for our models. And it shows in the pictures our students get...

  • Small classes. Unlike the competition that takes up to 20+ students, most VPW classes are significantly smaller, allowing for greater student teacher interaction and one-on-one attention.

  • We build photographic community. We don't just teach photography, we practice it every day. We blog about it. We have the largest and most active Facebook and Twitter communities of any teaching facility in town. We support and sponsor local non-profit photography groups like and the Vancouver Photo Marathon.

  • We know what is happening in photography, right now! No darkrooms need apply. We offer training in the latest digital photography trends and techniques. Our courses haven't been written 10 years ago. We know what that button on your new digital camera does!

  • We offer the greatest variety of courses and workshops in town. From 2 hour evening seminars to our Master Series Workshops, you're sure to find something interesting.

  • We are open Sundays! In fact, we belief that's a great day to do (and learn about) photography. But don't worry, we're open the rest of the week, too...

"I would like to thank you for doing such a great job teaching the Introduction to Digital Photography class. I am extremely happy with everything that was covered. It exceeded my expectations."

"Great course - I really enjoyed the hands-on shooting exercises and I am confident using my digital camera gear now."

"What a great Introduction to Digital Photography! Fun class, instructor and day trips. Info well delivered.

I will sign up for the next program, I was so impressed!"

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The Introduction to Digital SLR Photography Course is taught by the following instructors:

Kathleen Hinkel

Marc Koegel

Mary Jensen

Katie Huisman

Ross den Otter

Please choose your instructor and workshop date from the registration table below.

Tuesday Evenings Jan 17th, 2017 6:30PM -9:30PM N/A YWCA Hotel Downtown733 Beatty Steet Ross den Otter


Wednesday Evenings October 4, 2017 6:30PM -9:30PM $45 off for first 3 registrations! YWCA Hotel Downtown733 Beatty Steet Mary Jensen

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