Dave Montizambert Photography

Vancouver Photo Workshops proudly presents this public lecture and hands-on lighting presentation with internationally acclaimed photographer Dave Montizambert.

The subject of this three hour session will be:

Dramatic Lighting For Portraiture With Digital Capture


The power of Photoshop and instant digital image capture has made creating stronger images more possible than ever. However, even with these powerful digital tools there is still one weak link, lighting.

Without good lighting at time of capture, one is in for a long bout of Photoshop trying to make a silk purse from a sow’s ear. In this three hour session, international lighting/Photoshop trainer Dave Montizambert will show you how to create and control dramatic lighting for digital capture portraiture.

You will learn how to:

• Create Dave’s favorite lighting setups for dramatic lighting.
• Push the limits of lighting contrast while staying within the limits of output.
• Shoot from the shadow side.
• Optimize & standardize image processing for dramatic lighting.
• Correlate reflective meter reading with Info Palette readings with actual printed values.
• Create an automated Raw workflow.

If you can't attend Dave's 2 or 5 day workshops, then don't delay to take advantage of this exclusive Event!

Tickets are only $55 each. Special discount pricing available with the purchase of 3 tickets. For volume purchase of 10 or more tickets, please contact VPW for details. Our office can be reached @ 778.898.5256 or via email.

This event will be held at our VPW Studio:
14 West 7th Ave
Vancouver, BC

Doors open: 6:30pm
Event starts: 7pm

Tickets cost: $55 + GST

Dave Montizambert lectures internationally on lighting, digital
photography, and Photoshop.

He is also a published author having written
two books on lighting and digital photography plus numerous magazine
articles on these topics in North America, Asia, Russia and in Europe. Dave
also creates Photoshop tutorial DVD's for www.software-cinema.com.

From 1999 to 2002 Dave was a beta tester for Foveon digital cameras
located in Santa Clara California (see www.foveon.net) and is currently
part of the Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom Beta test team.

Dave Montizambert owns and operates Montizambert Photography Inc.
located in downtown Vancouver. For the past twenty-five years
Montizambert Photography Inc. has created photographic images to aid
various organizations and companies with their communication needs.

They have created images for clients such as: McDonalds Foods, Motorola,
Atlanta Scientific/Nexus Engineering, Toyo Tires, Tri-Star Pictures,
Warner Brothers, Constantine Films of Germany, Chevron Canada, Cuervo
Tequila, the C.B.C, J&B Scotch, Hong Kong Bank, Chimera Softboxes,
Light tools Egg-Crate Lighting Grids, Tsing Tao Brewery of China, No Fear
Sports Gear,
Kodak, and Canada Post.

Visit Dave Montizambert's website for more information:


Dave Montizambert PhotographyDave Montizambert PhotographyDave Montizambert PhotographyDave Montizambert Photography
Lecture Date Doors Open Presentation Location Cost Registration
Thursday April 1st, 2010 6.30 pm 7.00 pm-10.00pm VPW Studio $55 + GST Click Here to Register