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Vancouver Photo Workshops proudly presents this intensive weekend workshop, "The Headshot Intensive" with acclaimed photographer Peter Hurley from NYC.

This famous workshop has only been taught in NYC and Los Angeles thus far, but now VPW is proud to bring Peter to Vancouver for the first time!

After 10 plus years of shooting headshots and building a successful bicoastal business, Peter Hurley decided to teach the concepts that made his studio what it is today. He has jam-packed this info into a concise weekend workshop that will get your mind churning with new ideas and give you a new perspective whenever a someone steps in front of your camera. 

In this workshop you’ll learn the in’s and out’s of Peter's workflow, shooting style and business sense.  You’ll observe him working with clients from start to finish as well as immerse yourself into the action as he'll coach you during sessions you’ll be shooting on your own.

In a nutshell, THE HEADSHOT INTENSIVE is designed for the photographer looking to gain beneficial knowledge from the industry leader in order to develop a new skill set when shooting people.  Yes, it will be geared toward headshot photography and how to derive income from an industry that Peter believes is accessible to any photographer no matter how much photography experience one may or may not have.  So whether photography is your full time gig or you are a passionate hobbyist who can’t seem to put your camera down this intensive is for you. 


  • Lighting Hurley-style
  • Direction by misdirection
  • Sherlock Holmesing your clients
  • The Chameleon Approach
  • The shoot: You’ll shoot real actors for their headshots and go through Peter's entire process start to finish with the end product being incredible new images to add to your own portfolio.
  • Making a game plan to develop your business through branding, marketing and advertising your work.
  • Makeup discussion with local Vancouver make-up Artists
  • Retouching, printing and delivery of the final product on website, where you’ll also receive your own client proofing page on.
  • The PH2 Program:  Peter will discuss his global plan and your shot to capture your target market by becoming a PH2 Associate photographer.  The goal is to have each photographer become part of the PH2 referral program, using it as a marketing tool to build their headshot clientele through referrals from their own PH2 site.  Since you will be shooting a number of actors during the workshop, you’ll definitely be accumulating some amazing new headshots for use on your own website and for building out your PH2 site as well.  


  • A DSLR or medium format digital camera and basic knowledge of how to use that camera.  You’ll want a decent headshot lens to go along with it, so I generally like anything above 70mm for full frame DSLR’s and 100mm and above for medium format cameras.
  • Select 10 headshots or simple portraits that you feel are the best you’ve ever taken and email them to us prior to the weekend.  Everyone should bring a laptop and/or external hard drive with them to the workshop. 


The price for attending this incredible weekend workshop is $1350.  It’s an amazing value for anyone interested in taking their headshot photography to new heights or would simply like to up their game when photographing people.  However, we want to add even more value for those fired up to attend:

The Real Deal:  For a limited time any photographer that is one of the first 3 to sign up for this workshop will receive a $100 discount off the workshop bringing it to $1250.  Along with that Peter will be getting each photographer in front of his camera and shooting a headshot of you for your own bio and he's also including one month of coaching with him through PH2 Coaching Program at the Protégé level.

So if you sign up now and make it in the top 3 for this incredible weekend, you’ll get 2 days of full on cranking information that is crucial for taking incredible headshots, a personalized Peter Hurley headshot for your own bio pic, a new body of work for your headshot portfolio comprised of your best images from the entire 2 day workshop and a shot at becoming a PH2 associate photographer all for $1250.  Let's take your career to the next level together.

Peter Hurley writes about himself:

Let me give you an idea of the round about way I picked up a camera and found a new love. It and most of my life revolve around the sport of sailing. In 1993 after graduating from Boston University I hadn't a clue as to what I was going to do with myself. That summer I was doing what I had done every summer since I can remember, racing sailboats.

In August, I won a National Championship and decided to train for the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. While training full time, a friend sent me to see a designer at Ralph Lauren, who was in search of real sailors to model in a Polo Sport advertising campaign. I had an incredible time and months later my picture was seen around the world.

More importantly, I met a true friend and eventual mentor, Bruce Weber, who was the photographer on the shoot. Bruce continued to take pictures of me sailing and after failing to make the '96 US Sailing Team, I found myself in New York at the start of a new modeling career.

Modeling led me into acting, but the dream of a gold medal still lingered in the back of my mind. After a few years, I dropped everything and decided to jump back in the boat and train for the Sydney '00 Games.

It was during this time that Bruce encouraged me to start taking pictures of sailboats. My training paid off landing me a berth on the 2000 US Sailing Team. Shortly afterward, I took up the camera and while shooting a regatta I turned the camera on a fellow model/actor and friend of mine who had come along for the day. Those pictures ended up in his portfolio and created the outset of my new career. Since then my pictures have led me into advertising and my clients now include Levi's, Reebok, DKNY, Johnnie Walker and Axe Deodorant to name a few. I am continually growing as a photographer and I'm so glad that my crazy path has landed me here with a camera in hand. I would like to give a special thanks to Caggie Simonelli, Bruce Weber, and Josette Lata for making this possible.

I have to add that during my travels I was fortuntate enough to meet my beautiful wife, Yelly. She gave me the greatest gift of all when she gave birth to our twin girls, Mia & Oriana, in February of 2003.

Visit Peter Hurley's website for more information and to see his photography:



Basic photography knowledge required.


Maximum 14 participants.

What to Bring

Equipment Needed:

Please see Workshop description above


Please visit the 'Our City' page for a list of recommended hotels in Vancouver.

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Greg Gorman Photograph

Visit Peter Hurley's website to see his Portfolio:

Class Dates Time Early-Bird Discount : Location Tuition Registration
Weekend November 5th + 6th, 2011 9am - 6pm

First 3 people to register receive $100 off regular tuition

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