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Exhibit & Critique will support photographers in recognizing and developing their vision as an artist.  The goal for each student in the duration of this course is to conceptualize, produce and execute a series or body of work that will be exhibited at PhotoHaus Gallery in an art show curated by Katie Huisman.  

Weekly sessions and work-in-progress critique(s) will support students with concept development, writing an artist statement & CV along with artwork production and gallery installation. * A theme pertaining to the group exhibition will be given during Class 2.

As a group we visit commercial galleries learning about and getting connected to the Vancouver Art Scene.   A series of lectures that study 'Composition & Visual Language' and address 'Historic & Contemporary Photographic Movements' will give students a sense of depth and knowledge to implement within their own work.

The Exhibition held at PhotoHaus Gallery is a dynamic, successful event featuring a DJ, Video Installation of the production of the show and is well attended by local curators, photographers, art lovers. 

Exhibit & Critique is a great opportunity for any photographer or artist wanting to show their work in a publicly recognized gallery space.


Below is an image of the exhibition mounted by Katie's class in December 2011:

Exhibition and Critique - Detailed Course Agenda:

Class 1 Introductions, Workshop outline, Lecture - Historic & Contemporary Photographic Movements
Class 2 Critique – Each artist must bring a collection of 20-25 images / 4 by6'" proof prints for critique and be prepared to discuss their work, sources of inspiration, conceptual ideas.  *The exhibition theme will be introduced during this class*
Class 3 Concept Development / Gallery Submission Guidelines – Concept development worksheet, writing an Artist Statement, Curriculum Vitae and Bio. Researching different types of galleries and other venues for contemporary artwork.
Class 4 Lecture - Composition and Visual Language – Knowing the rules and breaking rules of compositional elements and design, color theory, how composition and design effect image interplay when developing a body of work.
Class 5 Gallery Visit (to take place on a saturday)
_________________2 week work break___________________
Class 6 Guest Artist Series
Class 7 Post production / Presentation Workshop - File sizing for prints will be discussed along with any other post-production questions, presentation & installation methods for the exhibition will be researched and discussed.
Class 8 Artist Statement & CV Writing Workshop
Class 9 Final Critique & Artist Statement Review
_______________1 week printing break____________________
Class 10 Installation
Class 11 Exhibition Night
Class 12 De-Installation & Feedback Session 2 weeks after opening

*Please Note: in addition to the tuition fee, participants should expect approximately $100 to $150 in expenses for mounting/displaying their final images as part of the exhibition.

Katie Huisman:


Katie Huisman studied photography at the Alberta College of Art and Design, graduating and winning the Govenor General Award in 2004.  From there she took on an internship position at Kingsize Studios in Auckland New Zealand where she lived for 1 1/5 years assisting Adam Custins, Aaron K, Fraser Harding, Tony Drayton and countless other international photographers.

Today, Katie is based in Vancouver Canada, where she shoots for a variety of local freelance and international clients.  Katie has been exhibiting her work regularly since 1998 and has shown across Canada & overseas.  She has had the opportunity to create larger site-specific public art peices along with smaller works for private collectors.  Katie's work is represented by the Elliott Louis Gallery and can be seen exhibited regularly.

Check out Katie's website to see samples of his incredible work.



Intermediate/Advanced Level.


Maximum 12 participants.

What to Bring

Equipment Needed:

Camera equipment as required to execute your creative vision
Personal computer access for processing digital image files

Additional Costs:
Students will be responsible for printing their exhibition work so lab fees, paper and other presentation materials will be required.


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"I am so happy to see you teaching classes on the latest equipment and software available on the market.

"Thanks again for the course...tons of very useful info for a newbie like me. Well worth the time and money!!!"

"When my friends looked at my photographs they couldn't believe that I really was the one who took them - I told them that VPW could help them achieve the same outstanding results as well! Thank you for an excellent class!"

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The Exhibition and Critique 12 week Course is taught by the following instructor:

Katie Huisman

Please click above to see Steve's website. Thank you.

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