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In this hands-on 10 week course, your skilled instructor Hannah Guy will teach you everything you need to know about using your flash effectively and efficiently. There are lots of hands-on shooting sessions both in-studio and on-location designed for you to practice and develop your skills.

Explore and open up the world of On- and Off-Camera flash photography.

You will discover how to use your manual and automatic flash effectively. Suitable for both Canon and Nikon users this course is tailored to give a sound underpinning of theories and practice.

Using and understanding your flash, developing skills in bounce, fill-in and ratio flash, mixing ambient and flash light. Giving you a good chance to learn the myriad of flash techniques and put them into practice during field trips and location and studio model shoots.


Please Note: SLR Camera only

Session 1 :

Course Outline, assignment outline. Know your flash. Introduction to Flash fundamentals - Fall off and inverse square law, synchronization and full stops

Session 2 :

Just One Image discussion. Guide numbers and Exposure Calculator workshop. Fall off and inverse square law, Synchronization and Full stops in practice, Flash Modes.

Session 3 :

Lighting Direction and Quality, Comparative/Formative. Key, Fill, Ratio and Bounce principles. Creating a bounce card and Bounce Flash Workshop.

Session 4:

Field Trip Night Photo’s  - Mixing ambient and flash light. Mountain View Cemetery.

Session 5 :

Fill flash and creating a catch-light workshop, principles of ratio flash. Automatic flash modes and flash compensation.

Session 6 :

Field Trip DAY - Fill flash Daylight - Bloedel Conservatory and Gardens. Advanced off camera flash - sync cables and optical slaves and wireless flash

Session 7 :

Field Trip DAY - Wedding Shoot, models and location shot. Group, couple, interior and exterior shots.

Session 8 :

Night Field Trip - Painting with light, multi exposures, gels and colours.

Session 9 :

Critique of field trip work. Assignments hand-in. Lecture: commercial and contemporary photographers. Synchronisation - FP, HSS, slow sync, rear curtain flash and ring flash discussion.

Session 10:


Final class and critique of assignments.




Intermediate level. You must have a basic understanding of your flash before taking this class. To make sure you have the necessary skills, yo can take our On-Camera Flash 1 Day Workshop before attending this course.


Maximum 14 participants.

What to Bring

Equipment Needed:

Bring your camera (must have manual controls) and at least 1 lens.
Camera Flash
Optional: additional lenses.

We Provide:

Detailed course notes in binder.


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"Awesome Workshop! I am finally understanding my flash after a couple years of owning one."

"After having taken many photography courses elsewhere I still was not comfortable using my flash - I learned more in a few short hours than over months taking other classes.

Thank you for a great course with lots of real life advice."

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The On and Off Camera Digital Flash Course is taught by the following instructor:

Hannah Guy

See Hanah's Website here!

Please choose your workshop date from the registration table below.

Class Dates Time Early-Bird Discount Ends Location Instructor Registration
Wednesday Sept 8th, 2010 7pm - 10pm August 15th, 2010 VPW Studios Hannah Guy SOLD OUT!
Wednesday January 19th, 2011 7pm - 10pm December 31st, 2010 VPW Studios Hannah Guy Click Here to Register
TBA TBA, 2011 7pm-10pm TBA, 2011 VPW Studios Hannah Guy Click Here for Wait List